What is Hybrid Humans?

“Hybrid Humans.” As technology and AI continue to reshape the way we work, they also reshape the way we learn. Now more than ever, it is important to stay ahead of the curve. That’s why we are committed to helping teams navigate the constantly changing future of work by examining new ways for us to leverage our skills and adapt.

What are Learning Sprints?

Learning Sprints are a new format to upskill teams in technical skills pioneered by Eskwelabs

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The world of work and education are undergoing massive change – and where learning takes place for adults have moved from institutions to workplaces. As more workplaces become digital, skills that were only for tech teams are moving into the realm of business teams.

We’re inspired by 4 main theses about the future of work x learning. Our posts will revolve around these theses.

Who are we?

Hey! This is Angela & Aurelien. We’re co-founders at Eskwelabs, an upskilling school in Asia.

Before this, we worked in finance and consulting, the traditional routes for ambitious young people. We grew up in various places around the world and experienced different cultures which gave us a diverse perspective about people and learning. We’re excited about creating new forms of learning that can link up the global ecosystem of work.

Don’t be shy!

We’d love to hear from you! Tell us what you are excited by, what you are working on, or anything that comes to mind. You can reach us at angela@eskwelabs.com, and aurelien@eskwelabs.com.

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Angela Chen

Co-Founder @ Eskwelabs

Aurelien Chu

Co-Founder @ Eskwelabs Former Management Consultant, Technology Analyst